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Suneet Diwan is not only a lawyer but a leader in commercial, residential and hospitality investments in the Puget Sound region. His educational background is a Bachelor's in Finance from the University of Washington and a JD/MBA from Seattle University. He started his career by helping his parents open their first restaurant in high school. Working evenings and weekends he helped the family not only succeed but thrive, the family opened up to six restaurants. During this time he started investing in rentals, by purchasing his first four plex at the age of twenty three. From there he went on to purchase many more rentals, of which now he is owner/co-owner of almost eight hundred units. Other businesses that he has started in the past ten years are two franchised hotels in Eastern Washington, a medical billing company in Alaska, a law firm, a real estate brokerage, and flipping/developing/building various single family homes and Multi Family Properties. Suneet has built a reputation with various cities, banks and communities for his diligence to make the community better. 

Suneet has been working and building his holdings for more than fifteen years. He was born and raised in South King County and Tacoma (where most of their holdings are), he has strong ties to the community and region. He has a proven strategy of development, marketing and future outlook. He hopes to expand their real estate holdings as well as expand his current businesses. He is always looking for the next business venture, but in his pursuits he stays grounded and well informed.


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